What is Hadar Hatorah?

- Hadar HaTorah is a yeshiva for students who did not grow up learning and came to it later in life. There are different levels of classes ranging from students who can’t yet read Hebrew to students who are learning Gemara/Rashi/Tosafos. Although everyone is on their own Jewish Journey, most students come from a similar background and are therefore able to serve as an amazing support network for each other through the journey. The students have a lot of energy and are very excited about trying to bring themselves and the people around them closer to G‑d!


Where are you located?

- Hadar HaTorah is located in the heart of Crown Heights, half a block away from 770, the shul of the Lubavitcher Rebbe and the Headquarters of Chabad. This location allows students regular opportunities to go to 770 for davening and learning as well as getting involved with the Crown Heights community. There are many yeshivas in Crown Heights and students at Hadar HaTorah have the opportunity to join the network of yeshiva students. The yeshiva is also very close to Kingston Avenue, which is the central road in Crown Heights containing many Judaica and clothing stores as well as an kind of kosher restaurant you can imagine, from burgers to sushi to ice cream and so much more!

What leadership opportunities are there? 

- Hadar HaTorah students are encouraged to own their yeshiva experience and make a difference! There are many opportunities to help in the yeshiva. These could include helping out with developing programs, working with social media, or playing instruments at a melave malka, just to name a few. Students in Hadar HaTorah are able to take their unique talents and qualities and apply them towards adding life to the yeshiva!


Do you encourage outreach? 

- Hadar HaTorah puts a big emphasis on outreach to the greater Jewish community as it is a very big and important part of a person’s experience and growth in yeshiva. Students have the opportunity to join the other yeshiva students in Crown Heights for Release Time on Wednesday’s. Release Time is a program instituted by the Rebbe in which Crown Heights yeshiva students go to public schools in New York and teach the Jewish students there for an hour about basic concepts in Judaism. On Friday, yeshiva students in Crown Heights go out to different parts of New York City to do outreach in many different ways, such as wrapping T’fillin, giving out Shabbos Candles, and handing out flyers with words of Torah relevant to weekly Torah portion and time of year.


Letter from Rabbi Goldberg, Rosh Yeshiva

Dear Prospective Student,

More than fifty years ago, when Hadar Hatorah was first founded, it was a revolutionary idea for a young man to want to attach himself to a traditional, chassidic lifestyle and join a yeshiva to accomplish these purposes. Nowadays, it is much easier. It is more accepted, more understood but still not necessarily an easy step to take. At Hadar Hatorah, we try to make this transition process as easy and inspiring as possible. One important resource is the community of Crown Heights at large. This includes many of our own alumni, professionals and businessmen, raising families of their own. These individuals are truly a significant resource, providing an example and additional channel for direction for Hadar Hatorah students.

Most important, however, is the knowledge of Judaism that you, the student will learn and absorb in the yeshiva itself. The process of learning and study is all encompassing, requiring time, patience and determination. It is not only absorbing information, but bringing this information to a level of personal realization.

Our teachers are here to support you, guide you and answer all your questions, no matter what they might be. Our goal is guide and educate you to become a practicing and knowledgeable Jew and a Chasid of the Rebbe.

Whether a man joins Hadar Hatorah’s full-time program for a significant period of time or just for the summer program in the Catskills or even for one of the ten-day YeshivaCations given three times a year, he will surely gain knowledge and love for our holy Jewish tradition.

Rabbi Y Goldberg, Rosh Yeshiva