Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum time commitment for Hadar HaTorah?

Hadar HaTorah provides an environment that welcomes students for however long they are interested in spending in yeshiva. It is suggested that for a student who wants to get a proper taste of yeshiva to come for at least 3 months and more optimally to get the full experience, for at least a year. An individual, however, will grow during any amount of time they spend in yeshiva!

Where will I live?

Hadar HaTorah offers dorms located in the same building as the yeshiva. The dorms offer an amazing sense of community amongst students as well as full immersion in yeshiva. The yeshiva also has a dining room which serves meals three times a day.

How do I apply?

There is an online application which you can fill out here. Shortly after submitted, you will be contacted by yeshiva staff.

What level of learning do I need to be at to attend?

Hadar HaTorah offers different levels of classes from beginner to advanced, designed so that students can experience maximum growth no matter where they are holding. Overtime, students will notice growth in learning and will move up to higher level classes at the discretion of the yeshiva staff.

What if I can’t afford tuition?

Hadar HaTorah does not want tuition to be the issue that prevents someone from coming to yeshiva. There are many scholarship opportunities available and they should be discussed with the yeshiva staff when plans are being made to come!

What does Shabbos look like?

Every Shabbos, Hadar HaTorah offers lively and exciting prayer services with the students and alumni that live in the area. For Shabbos meals, students eat with families around Crown Heights in order to experience what Shabbos is like in a traditional Jewish home. Hadar HaTorah offers students the option to be set up with a family or to arrange their own meals. On Shabbos mivorchim (the last Shabbos of the month), all the students stay in the yeshiva on Friday night to eat the meal with one of the Rabbis from the yeshiva. This is a joyful meal in which students have an opportunity to share with each other what they learned and in general how the week was. Additionally, there are monthly kiddush lunches that offer a unique and lively environment.

Does Hadar HaTorah offer any special activities or programs?

Every Friday, the day ends at 11 and students have the opportunity to go out to other parts of New York to do outreach in order to spread the light. Students divide into groups and work together to get candles, flyers, and other similar things to give out as well as wrapping T’fillin with individuals that would like to be given that opportunity. Although it is optional, it is highly encouraged because it is important to be involved in helping others!

Hadar HaTorah goes away a few times a year for Shabbos in order to give the students an opportunity to have a festive Shabbos together and bond. These Shabbatons include trips such as trampoline parks, snowtubing, and many more!

Throughout the year. Hadar HaTorah plans programs for students to come and get a taste of yeshiva. These programs include a winter program, Shabbaton’s, and other short-stay opportunities.

Does Hadar HaTorah help with visas?

Hadar HaTorah will help students obtain a student visa upon request. Anyone who requires a visa should be in touch with yeshiva staff upon acceptance to yeshiva.

Does Hadar HaTorah offer college credits?

Hadar Hatorah works with the central yeshiva in Crown Heights, 770, to offer college credits for any student who requests.

Who learns in Hadar HaTorah?

Hadar HaTorah is a yeshiva designed for men who started learning Torah later in life. The full time student body generally consists of men in their 20s who are post college or in a break from college and want to spend some time in yeshiva before they begin working or finishing their degree. There are also part-time learning opportunities for men who live in the area. Hadar HaTorah is a vibrant center of learning in Crown Heights. In addition to the full time students, there are many people passing through on a daily basis!