Full Time Yeshiva

Hadar Hatorah’s full time learning program is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for young men to participate in an intensive Jewish studies program that will provide them with a firm grounding in all aspects of Jewish life. They will be able to return to college or the work force with the ability to learn, pray and live a Jewish life with confidence and skill.

A heavy emphasis is placed on personal attention with the understanding that meshing your life accomplishments with a traditional Chassidic lifestyle in a yeshivah environment may be a challenging process.

Applicants should be between ages 18 and 35, and be ready and able to pursue a vigorous, full-day curriculum of classes. Proficiency in English is required.

Dormitory and Dining

Students live and learn in the Chassidic community of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, in the vicinity of 770 Eastern Parkway, Lubavitch World Headquarters. Hadar Hatorah is a residential yeshivah. All dorm rooms provide a comfortable living environment. The yeshivah provides a full meal plan for fully enrolled students.


Tuition is $600.00 per month; room and board is $400.00 per month.

College Credits

Hadar Hatorah’s administration works with students and individual schools to maximize transference of credits.


Hadar Hatorah offers partial and full scholarships based on need, once the applicant has been accepted. No eligible student is turned away.

Summer in the Catskills

In the summer, Hadar HaTorah goes upstate to the beautiful Catskill Mountains for two months. They stay at Camp Shaloh, in Napanoch, whose facilities include a swimming pool, basketball courts, sports fields, and a gym. Students spend two months learning, with a similar schedule to the year, a little bit shortened in order to allow more time for recreation. Students enjoy bonfires, barbeques, hikes, farbrengens, and delicious food. Shabbos is very festive and all the students eat the meals together with the staff. It is a great opportunity for young men to be able to fully immerse in the yeshiva environment with fewer distractions and a much easier ability to focus. The beautiful weather and natural environment provide a great space for students to be able to have the summer of a lifetime!

Winter Program

Yeshiva offers a ten day program during the last week in December primarily geared towards college-age students who are on winter break and want the opportunity to come to Crown Heights to connect with their soul and experience being in NYC. This program includes amazing speakers, programs, trips, and classes geared towards students who would like to get a taste of what yeshiva is like. Although the specific classes are primarily designed for beginners, participants on any level will certainly feel comfortable learning in the regular yeshiva classes.

Short Term Stay Opportunities

Yeshiva is always open for students to come for short amounts of time to get a taste of yeshiva. These opportunities are flexible based on how long the student wants to come and can be any amount of time from a weekend for Shabbos, an entire week, a month, or even longer!


Winter Program 2020/2021